Deyanira Vielma

She is a spirited and creative writer with a knack for crafting atmospheric settings and complex, heartfelt characters with a B.A. in Screenwriting and a minor in English from The School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University.   

Why does she write? 

Words, if beautifully crafted (and rightfully so), have the power to move mountains and evoke change; to give hope when there appears to be none; and, to make a lonely, sad girl less lonely and less sad. They save and cause rifts, they expose truths to the world, as well as inner self-truths. They help provide clarity, purpose, and discovery. Words, sentences, phrases, fragments, run-ons, prose, poetry, exposées, analyses, essays, stories--there are endless possibilities.

Words. Are.  T ranscendent.