Curriculum Vitae



February 2018

The Journey (adaptation/ feature-length screenplay)

March 2018

Leo (coverage)

April 2018

Bestial (feature-length screenplay)

May 2018

Infiltrate (feature-length screenplay)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time (feature-length screenplay)

September 2018

Doll Face (feature-length screenplay)

October 2018

Blowing Minds (feature-length screenplay)

November 2018

The Catalyst (treatment)

December 2018

Dark Fantasy  (proofreader - novel)

December 2018 - January 2019

The Poet and the Pixie (edit/reformat - screenplay)

March 2019

Samsara (short screenplay)

April 2019

Change of Heart (short screenplay)

February - August 2019

The Blood Prophecy #3 - Untitled (novel) 

August 2019

Absolution (short screenplay)  

August - September 2019

The Red Orchard (short screenplay) 

October 2019

Art (short screenplay)

February  2020

The Free Dove (short screenplay)  
March  2020
Crowded Train (short screenplay)  
April  2020
Whispers are Meant to be Heard (short screenplay)   
May  2020
Prussian Blue (short screenplay)  

Selected Projects 

May  2020
Cypress College
2020 Media Arts Design  - Film Showcase: “Dey by Dey LITERALLY” 

Selected Articles and Essays

March 2015 

The Girl With The Sapphire Eyes Dipped In Cobalt - Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”  3.9.15

April 2016 

Silence, Beauty and Bodies: Being Alone, Together - The Complex Characters & Narrative of

Almodovar’s Hable Con Ella

December 2016

In The Moment - An Analysis of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood


January 2017 

“’La La Land’ To Dream Or Not To Dream “ 1.10.17

“How Screenwriting Has Helped Me Become A Better Person”    1.16.17


Current: 2019 - 
Cypress College 

B.A. in Screenwriting; English minor 
Loyola Marymount University, The School of Film and Television 
Los Angeles, CA 

Alexander Hamilton High School 
Los Angeles, CA

Relevant Experience 

Freelance Writer, Editor - 2018
Intern, White Horse Pictures - 2017 
Movie Makers Mentor, Young Storytellers - 2013


Final Draft, Google Drive, MS Office, Proofreading, Editing, Ghostwriting.  

Sketch, Acrylic, Watercolor.